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Florida Weddings and Special Events, Inc., aka FWSE Magazine, is a bridal and quinceañera Florida company. The Event Lady Store, Inc., is also operated by The Event Lady. 

 "The Event Lady." May be Retired, but never stopped loving the Bridal Industry! Keeping busy is her goal, so therefore there is nothing more proper than her designing and operating an online store for wedding and quinceañera accessories under her very own service name, and providing the best customer service of course! 


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Isabel Albuerne is The Event Lady of Florida
Editor and Publisher Florida Weddings and Special Events Magazine

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Our Mission with our  Florida Bridal and Quince Blog and Magazine Website Publication:

  • To provide the best customer service possible
  • To make each bride and quinceañera customer feel special
  • To Show off our Social Media Pages with the prettiest events
  • To  promote and improve our bridal and quince industry resources.
  • To promote our beautiful South and SW Florida destination for weddings.
  • To offer the readers of our South Florida communites local information
  • To offer our wedding vendors a great tool to showcase their products



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