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Wedding Industry News! The Wish Upon A Wedding Project

Well it seems that there is great wedding news flying around these days; many in the special event industry are giving back to their communities. A non-profit company, called “Wish Upon a Wedding” is busy trying to make dreams happen for many in need!


Couples planning to be married can bid for wedding-related auction items online starting in October or at a Blissful Wishes Balls Nationwide in November, with all proceeds benefiting,  Wish Upon a Wedding.  This new organization is the world's first non-profit that provides weddings for individuals facing life-threatening illness.

Wish Upon a Wedding is currently seeking donated products or services in 46 cities, ranging from wedding gowns to tuxedos, invitations to cakes, and limousine services to honeymoons.


If you are wedding vendor, It only takes a moment to register and make a difference in someone's life at:

Be sure to add your item to the correct category (city), and don’t forget to include your company logo and URL.  What a great advertising opportunity~ and you'll be making a positive difference in someone's life who truly deserves it!

“Bid Your Wish for Wedded Bliss” online auctions are a great chance for businesses to showcase their business while doing something good for someone special!  Tickets for the Blissful Wishes Balls across the country will go on sale on August 15th at:


The Event Lady thinks this is a neat project and a much needed wedding organization that can add some joy to some of us less fortunate. "It is after all better to give than to receive."

So go on Wedding Professionals is time to give, and couples who qualify, it is time to Bid!!!!


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Wedding Band Tips from My Jewelry Box

Selecting a wedding band is one of the most important decisions you will make as you take the first steps into wedded bliss. Future brides and grooms spend hours selecting the perfect choice to reflect their love and commitment in this traditional form of jewelry, while expressing their personality and lifestyle in their final choice. After all... this is a special piece of jewelry you will wear for a lifetime, so it has to be just perfect!

Celebrity Diamond Guy and CEO of, David Mamane, keeps A-listers in-the-know, and now thanks to the following tips you can be too when it comes to selecting the right wedding bands. For added shopping knowledge, his website offers an extensive collection of wedding rings for any taste and budget, as well as an informative page on Education for Your Jewelry Purchase Experience.  

Some Tips from David Mamane of My Jewelry Box:

1. Choose a band that matches the material of your engagement ring, if her engagement ring is platinum; purchase her a platinum wedding band. Re-visiting the same store that the engagement ring was purchased from is always a good idea. The three most popular wedding bands are yellow gold, white gold and platinum. White gold is popular because it coordinates with both silver and gold and is less expensive than platinum. Yellow gold is traditional, but be sure to look into the karats. Nine karat does not look as nice and will not hold up as well as 18 karat, but more karats means a bigger price tag.

2. Shop together; this ensures that everyone gets what they want

3. Choose a style that compliments your fingers and hand. If you have a larger finger, a thick band will look more attractive than a thin band, while skinny fingers tend to look better with a small, simple, band.

4. Take into consideration what you do for a living; if you work in construction, you want a wedding band that will withstand how much abuse it will take.

Below are some beautiful wedding design images from My Jewelry Box for our readers to review right here on The Event Lady's Blog:




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