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The Giant Wedding Notebook called the Web

In this new age of blogs, I have developed a concept to help me understand the Web; "I think of the Web and the Blogs, as a giant notebook with many, many chapters.  This notebook has vast and never ending pages; happily, some are dedicated to weddings and quince events. Now mind you, all of us can write on these pages, and it is important we do, since each of us in our trade is unique author contributing to this book of information."
The big plus of this huge notebook, is that it lets us interact and share with others, a wonderful thing if used in a reciprocal manner. We live in a world of little or no time, yet we have been offered a fast and easy tool to do this, one we do not use to our full advantage. This new way of writing is done via the computer (for old birds like me), and smart phones (for savvy young ones). PS: "I am an illiterate cell phone person, just like to call people on it, that’s all.

"The wedding notebook", as I call it, is a fountain of resources. For us as professionals, it is our place to do business, find products, talk to our customers, and Network with fellow vendors. Mind you... we don't use it as much as we should. We join organizations, attend trade seminars, go to endless meetings, yet fail to visit each others websites, e-mail to introduce ourselves and offer our services. Now... with this social media explosion, we often forget to find these vendors on applications such as Face book or Twitter, and befriend them.

You might think I am a lunatic, but I truly believe all this. I admit some people are difficult to engage with, but on the other hand, others are happy to meet you; after all... we do work in the same special event industry, and until we win the lotto, we do have to work for a living. Therefore, I try to love what I do, and admire those around me doing a great job. They say “emulation is the best form of flattery.” This applies to this business as well. Some of us are afraid to post or place links in our sites, for fear of others copying what we do. My philosophy is simple, “there is enough business out there for all who work hard and are not afraid to share.”

I feel, one of the biggest cyber-networking details, missing in big and small businesses alike, is true participation. Commenting and expressing a genuine interest in following each other on local wedding and quince blogs. Mind you... "The key word is local." This web notebook is a fantastic way to grow as professionals offering services or products in our communities. For our Florida brides and quince girls, this notebook offers a fast way to flip pages and gather information to help plan their unique special events. 

Now you are probably saying, "Why would I want to write often in this notebook and create my own chapters? Below, are just some of the answers.

1.    You gain a ton of resources to offer your brides and quinceañeras
2.    You will hopefully gain rewarding professional alliances.
3.    You name brand yourself and your business on the Web.
4.    You learn by reading other people’s informative postings.
5.    You share useful info, (yes, I said share, not steal) you credit your source.
6.    You can be found when you comments on their posts in search results.
7.    You contribute to the “Giant Notebook” the World Wide Web and leave your lasting mark.
8.    Most important…Your biggest investment is “Your Time.”

Having finished this sentence, The Event Lady is off to Tweet, Facebook and Blog, in this brand new era, which "we", as wedding bloggers are just discovering.

Happy Event Planning, Blogging and Networking

Isabel Albuerne

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Please Do Me a Favor

Wedding favors have been a tradition to be kept by loved ones as a memento of that special day. They can be set at the guest tables, or given out individually to families or the women in the group upon arrival or departure at the event.

If you choose placing your little keepsakes on the table, you can place one favor every other seat. If you have two styles, then place one yes, one no; in other words, alternate. Since most people arrive like in Noah’s Ark, in pairs, the lady will take one of each kind; therefore remaining content she grabbed all she saw.  For the most part, men seldom care about taking home keepsakes.

Have you ever heard “less is more”… well this usually holds true for just about anything in life;  having said that, this  is also true for wedding and quince reception favors at your party. As a long time event planner, it is my advice that having ten different kinds of favors all placed in one table can cause quite a commotion amongst your guests.

If you decide to go favor happy, you will wind up having some guest sighing and whining, “Oh… I did not get that one!” Or even worst, waiting till the neighboring guest goes dancing, and doing a disappearing act on the little favor that was not assigned to their seat. Just imagine one of your reception guests saying to herself, “Straight to my purse you go little trinkets!  Mmm …now I am happy guest, I have one of each.”


Why… you ask? Well just because it is human nature to want it all.  So as in real life, we try to manage such impulses by not offering too many choices. With one favor selection, maximum two, your tables will look uncluttered and elegant. Most of your guests will leave in conformity, content that they got all there was to get.


Thinking of handing them out? Well, that would only work if the guest did not open them in front of each other. Otherwise, I can tell you the same scenario plays out. You hear commets like… “Oh, I did not get that one? Or I like yours better!”

Think I am kidding? I have seen guest come up to me and ask why they did not get the pretty little doll the lady next to them received. Much to my delight, in turn I reply, “I understand how you feel, but you got the little rhinestone tiara. Isn’t it much prettier???”  Coordinator and psychologist, wow what a combo!

Now with this word of advice I leave you today to go favor shopping; and hope you will find many  little treasures that will help make your celebration unforgettable and your wallets happy.

Happy Favor Shopping!
The Event Lady

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