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A Toast to a Healthy Wedding Drink

Delicious Brands a San Francisco based company offers brides and grooms a healthier approach to offering their guest wedding drinks; now get this... two healthy vodkas White Lotus and Blue Lotus. 
Robert Bailey the CEO of  has been featured in numerous magazine articles and is the brain child behind these two spirits from its new line of premium, lifestyle-enhancing vodkas. His website offers new cocktail recipes to offer your honored guests.

From what I read, Lotus vodka may even help you maintain your energy level while you do your fancy footwork on the dance floor, since they contain Ginseng, Guarana and Caffeine.
Now, I do not know if I myself can handle any more activity enhancement ingredients at my age... but it is good to know just in case.
What I ask Mr. Bailey for now, is to let me know about a healthy vodka that will make me relax after all the event planning is done, we could name it The Event Lady's Elixir for Post Wedding Stress. I will however make it a point to sampling White and Blue Lotus Vodkas very soon and give you my opinion on taste on this blog as well.


Just FYI:

Lotus combines premium vodka with all-natural ingredients.  

White Lotus contains healthy ingredients like:

Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, C

L-Arginine, L Cysteine, Ginseng Extract

Blue Lotus contains:

Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12

Guarana Extract, Caffeine, Taurine

A final advice to my follower bridal couples, please stop the drinking in your reception an hour before it ends and offer a coffee station; even arrange for transportation for those who did not know when to stop; there are companies that will handle this detail as well.

Happy Event Planning,
The Event Lady

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The Sad Flip Side of a Divorce Dance Celebration


As The Event Lady, and as a Florida wedding officiant, I have to admit that while initially fun to watch this divorce dance video below, in retrospect I think and wonder what has happened to the value of marriage today.

Mind you, it is no joy ride being married, and does requires an extreme amount of patience, communication, dedication, and the ability to forgive, but it is definitely still a worthwhile institution if you find someone that loves you, values you and can learn to live by your side for long periods of time.

Not an easy task at all, and one of the main problems that affect this institution today is the quickness in which we toss aside things that give us too much work. How easy it has become to break up and not work on the problem at hand.

My dear bridal couples, think hard and long about this...if the human being you have next to you is worth it, take time to talk, to listen, and do not make rash decisions. A lifelong partner is a treasure worth keeping.

Funny as this video may look, in reality, as wedding professionals; we much rather do wedding videos all the time, and truly feel sad when someone we have united falls apart and gives up. 

Happy Event Planning,

Isabel Albuerne

The Event Lady

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