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No More Bare Feet Formal Events

Here is one of the many joys of being a woman... we get to wear high heels. Ooops did I say joy, or can it sometimes be a curse? Fact of the matter is I am one of those who love those high, elegant heels when I am all dressed up, but I think my mind and my feet share a different viewpoint.
My dear Florida brides and quinceañeras, you know that every beautiful gown deserves an absolutely gorgeous pair of shoes. But my ladies, once the presentation and formals are done, and the dancing is well on its way, some of us need to spell relief. We end up spelling it barefoot, which does not look very nice with your up do and evening dress. Well ladies barefoot no more, this is a no-no unless you are on the sand at a beach wedding, and even then... we can still look stylish and complete.

For under $40.00 dollars
you can slip into a number that will go with your bridal or quince look and be easy on your wallet.
I found this site that offers a cute bridal line as well as many other styles and colors to choose from for any occasion; has a new bridal line of slip-ons that will make you say aaaah, finally heels are off for a spell. OK, so you think they are just plain flip-flops, but wrong! This collection has features to rave about; they are all one piece, made in the USA, machine washable, antimicrobial and odor resistant, made with a flexible material that will let you stay light on your feet for hours. This Spring they have brought us a new style with a very popular name now a days, the "Malia" a very soft, pretty metallic look. 


Visit them on-line and get a few pairs, give the gift of comfort to all you loved ones at your party; one to your mom, mom-in-law, bridesmaids, or your quince court, but most important keep your favorite style just for you!
So go ahead kick those heels off and remember,"no more bare feet" at your next formal special event.

Happy Event Planning
The Event Lady of Florida Weddings and Special Events

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Wedding Memories in Glass, Beautiful Art for Your Beautiful Day

Beautiful glass vases with your special event pictures on them? Now that is a concept that caught my eye. A way to keep your wedding or quince celebration memories in your home and to share with others thru art. As a matter of fact, any special occasion deserves a vase like these pictured below. I absolutely loved them, so I thought I would share them with you on my Event Lady of Florida bridal and quince blog today.


These unique creations are by artist Jenny Gaynor, You can visit her website and see her work at Jenny is a Los Angeles based artist who has launched this new “green” photo transfer vase idea. The vase is created by using an individual's own wedding or engagement photos which can be transferred onto a recycled glass vase, making an unforgettable piece that the couple can treasure forever. She fabricates all the glass components on her torch using the traditional Muranese lampworking techniques.


This is a great work of art to display with your most treasured wedding or quinceañera pictures, or it can be used as a unique decor piece to display at your guest sign-in-table at your event reception, using pictures from memory lane of when you first met as a couple.

For quince or sweet- sixteen events, you can provide pictures of your early years and keep alive in this glass piece your memories as a child until the teen years, a memento of the special coming of age birthday celebration. 

As far as a gift idea... well it is absolutely fantastic and different, perfect for any special day or holiday. Remember... Mother's Day is just around the corner. A sure hit of a gift for any special event, wedding anniversary, birthday; you name it... if you have pictures, Jenny Gaynor can create a one of a kind piece for you.
Vases range in price from $425-$525.

Happy Event Planning,

The Event Lady of Florida Weddings and Special Events

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