Let The Event Lady Manage Your Website or Social Media

Build Your Presence on the Web - Promote Your Wedding or Quince Business




The Event Lady of Florida can Help with Your Bridal and Quince Business Website Marketing, Social Media Management and Much More…
Let The Event Lady Market Your Wedding and Quince Business.
If you cannot sit at the computer all day,
then let The Event Lady take charge
of the keyboard for your business! 

Call Her Directly at 239-784-6784
Custom Marketing and Branding for the Bridal Industry beginning at $50.00 monthly
  • Social Media Management
  • PR and Name Brand Building Quotes
  • Personalized Wedding and Quince Business Marketing Plan
  • Your Wedding or Quince Website in Two Days
  • Web Building Prices Start at $250.00 and up
(Page Quantity and Weekly Maintenance a Factor. Special Quotes can be Requested.).

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